General Election 2016 Presidential Debate #3 Las Vegas

General Election 2016 Presidential Debate #3 Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 – University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Coming Soon…

Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY will serve as the backup site.

Where: General Election 2016 Presidential Debate #3 Las Vegas, Nevada on 10-19-2016 to be held. There is a backup site in the unlikely event something should go wrong with the Vegas venue for any reason.

What: This will be final presidential debate for voters to determine the next President of The United States of America.

Do you have predictions for who will be on the stage for this debate? We do.

Who: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Why: There are too many “typical” Republican politicians running alongside of Donald Trump, and America seeks true change. The only other viable options with a personality that Republic Americans can rally behind are being eliminated from the polls, one by one, leaving only those who display strength of character and avoid playing the typical “political games”. The same goes for the only 2 viable candidates on the Democrat side of the isle. Hillary Clinton is essentially a figurehead for the “politics as usual” approach in 2016, but has a massive support from the Democratic loyalists and the female vote. Bernie Sanders is the only representative for “changing the game of politics” that has actually lived up to the promise, who is supported by donations of the people of America, and doesn’t “mud-sling”. The only 2 candidates that are true potential “game changers” are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and we expect these 2 gentlemen to be in the hot seat for the final Presidential Debate for The General Election of 2016.

How: Donald Trump has managed to avoid losing ground in the political arguments he has participated in with Republic Candidates this far, without losing popularity or political steam. His views on taking care of America first, and not concerning itself with spending resources and focus on foreign aid is appealing to US citizens because the current state of fiscal and economic affairs leaves much to question. Bernie Sanders has my opposing viewpoints to Donald Trump, although Bernie has a solid understanding of how facts and details get lost and mired in the finger-pointing and “blame game”. Both of these men share the same potential for real political and economic change in the United States, despite their intentions of methodologies to use to obtain similar outcomes being radically different.

If you agree or disagree, share us your thoughts as to why.

Post your predictions for the General Election 2016 Presidential Debate #3 Las Vegas below.


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